February 3, 2009

The Evolution of Public Relations

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Before breaking into groups to discuss the different eras of Public Relations, I did not have very high expections of the exercise. I did not expect to retain a lot of the information and looked at it as a easy way to pass time.

When we first broke into groups, I was suprised about what my group (#1 Early Beginnings) thought was important and why. The information was plentiful and the explanations were interesting. Some of the information about past events and how public relations relate it to were quite obvious but it wasn’t something I thought about. For example, the Holy Crusades and Boston Tea Party were influenced mainly by the affect of Public Relations. Other events, such as Julius Casear and his journals, did not pop out to me as having a direct relationship with PR but once you analyze it does.

When we broke off into our mixed group, I learned a lot information. Some of the eras had so much important facts that it was hard limiting them down to just a few, Evolving Practice and Philosophy for example.

This exercise gave us a more interactive approach about learning the history of Public Relations, which I believe was a lot easier and interesting than sitting through a lecture about the subject. Overall I enjoyed the exercise and learned a lot of information about the PR eras. I am strong believer in knowing where you come from because if you don’t know your history, you bound to repeat the same mistakes.


February 2, 2009

My 1st week of Twitter

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When I was first told that our class would be required to have a blog site and also have to sign up for a networking site (that I had never heard of), I was not excited to say the least. My first time logging onto twitter I was a bit overwhelmed and I did not understand it.  My first few days were painfully boring and confusing. I did not know what I was doing or the purpose of the exercise. Slowly but surely, I began getting the hang of twitter.

I’ve learned that twitter is what you make it. It can be exciting and informative or boring and overwhelming. The more I was on twitter, the more I began to view it as a social networking tool and a site to obtain quick information. I started following sites such as CNN and the Lakers and I got soo much information.

I loved that I could access twitter from my phone, so when I was on the way to school, waiting on the bus I would tweet and look up the new headlines.  I spent most of my spare time between classes looking up new headlines and updating my status.

This week on twitter, I taught me that as a Public Relations major, I must take a advantage of networking sites like Twitter. It is  free promotion and a quick and easy way to network. I believe that I will continue using twitter and spread the word about it to my friends.