March 31, 2009

Facebook solves burglary case

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Al Chapman’s company’s truck had been broken into. His wife, upset about what happen, wrote about it on facebook. The news quickly traveled until someone revealed that they knew who did. For more details about this story please follow the link below.


Dallas Mavs Owner fined..

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-Mark Cuban has been fined $25,000 for a comment on twitter he left bashing the referees!!

(References: ESPN News)

March 1, 2009

Top Ten Interview Tips

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1. Turn off cell phones!!

2. Dress business professionally. Women– skirts suits/pants suits. Men-suits

3. Don’t ask about compensation!

4. Don’t bash your old job or boss.

5. Ask before hand about the structure of the interview

6. Ask questions

7. Research the company

8. Don’t stereotype during answers to questions

9. Smile and be polite

10. Arrive earlier than scheduled!! To be on time is to be early!!


The references: Myself and PRCA 2330 SPring 2009 class