March 31, 2009

Facebook solves burglary case

Posted in Connections and Current Events at 10:42 AM by Victoria

Al Chapman’s company’s truck had been broken into. His wife, upset about what happen, wrote about it on facebook. The news quickly traveled until someone revealed that they knew who did. For more details about this story please follow the link below.



  1. Cinnamon Cameron said,

    Very interesting story! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Loved the story. Post on facebook and news spreads like fire. Anytime anything has happened, a couple years ago the first place we would look is our local news that morning or night. But now we dont have to wait till the 11 o’clock news we can simply sign on to Facebook or twitter and simply as our online followers what’s going on. I remember when we had the murder in Statesboro this school year all the students were talking about what was going on via social media. Social media is taking over.

  3. […] 9.Facebook solves burglary case, Victoria Greene […]

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