April 21, 2009

Twitter again????

Posted in Assignments, Connections and Current Events at 12:38 PM by Victoria

My introduction to public relations professor, Barbara Nixon, had previously assigned my class to join twitter and start twitting for at least a week. I was not interested (look at past post about it!). However, when given this assignment, I was excited. It didn’t feel like an “assignment” like the 1st time.

Since February, I have progressed into a frequent user of twitter. I began first by following news carriers but now I find myself interacting with my friends and following comedians like lil duval.

Since registering for an account, I have been able to see twitter’s growth. When I first began, none of my friends were on it. Now everyone has twitter account… Even OPRAH!! I have also became involved in the Change the Game Campaign and follow cwthegame and Tia Mowry for the latest updates.

I recommend other PR students to follow news outlets and other PR professionals such as Robert French,  Jack Wysocki, 360 media, and Tara Murphy.

Twitter keeps a smile on my face and helps me keep up to date on the current issues and events. It is great social networking tool that has been incorporated in business practices by many companies. I do have to warn those new to twitter: do remember that this the web and people can see what you write! Be careful!

And don’t forget to follow me @ vgreene1



  1. Thanks, Victoria. It takes a while for Twitter to grow on us (myself included).

  2. ashleyprisfunrenfroe said,

    I definitely feel the same as you about twitter now, and I too am following some of the same people as you!

  3. […] 3. I have learned to use Twitter…  I follow my friends, receive tweets from comedians, and keep up with current events. I recommend if you haven’t joined, do so! It is a great opportunity to network with other people and comment on news stories carried by CNN  to the latest news about your favorite sports team or celebrity. While you’re at it … Follow ME! To read more about my transition to twitter check out my blog post of My First Week Twitter and Twitter Again. […]

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