April 25, 2009

Heidi Montag.. Tweets her way to the alter…

Posted in Connections and Current Events at 6:56 PM by Victoria

Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt from the television show the Hillsare finally getting married. Today is the day that Speidi will become one. It was a big surprise for me because I have been watching this season of the Hills and the couple looked far from being ready to head to the alter… I guess the therapy Heidi mandated they attend helped.

Or is it all a sham? Many have their doubts after the alleged fake wedding in Mexico.

Check out Heidi’s twitter page where she tweets to her followers about her memorable day. Is Lauren Conrad in attendance? I guess you’ll have to check out the season finale of the Hills slated to air later on in the year. 

For a look at this season’s episode or previous season’s episode of the Hills click here.



  1. Cinnamon Cameron said,

    Would you call yourself a Speidi fan or foe? I personally like Heidi, but Spenser is just no good! =]

  2. Amy Gemmel said,

    Couples like Spencer and Heidi, with their disregard for marriage and commitment, set a horrible example for their audience on The Hills. However, it does make for some pretty awesome entertainment!

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  4. Kristen said,

    I was reading about this the other day, too! Seeing the headline with Twitter in it really caught me eye. I don’t think it would have been as big of a deal with the media if Twitter wasn’t involved.

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  6. whitneychilds said,

    Girl I have been watching the Hills too and you know there is absolutely no way Lauren will be at that wedding 🙂 I just want Heidi and Spencer to break up… that kid is bad news, last week he was hanging all over the bartender now he’s ready to take the leap into the world of marriage… I don’t think so!

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