May 3, 2009

What have I learned??

Posted in Assignments at 6:21 PM by Victoria

I am currently a student at Georgia Southern University. I am a Public Relations major and I’m currently enrolled in Introduction to PR taught by Barbara Nixon.

Professor Nixon asked our class to compile a list on 10 things that we have learned by taking this course.

Here is my list:

1. Some of the components Public Relations: According to PRSA Foundation, (a few) components of PR include

  • Counseling
  • Research
  • Media relations
  • Publicity 
  • Community, governmental, and public affairs
  • Issues management
  • Marketing communcations

2.  The next thing I have learned to do is what I’m doing right now! BLOGGING!! This has been a stress release for me. I do believe I would like it more if it wasn’t required for class but if it wasn’t required for class.. I would have never started it. My professor created a great guideline for our class to adhere to and it was very helpful starting out. Professor Nixon also created a FAQ about blogging. It included links showing how to post a video and hyperlinks.

3. I have learned to use Twitter…  I follow my friends, receive tweets from comedians, and keep up with current events. I recommend if you haven’t joined, do so! It is a great opportunity to network with other people and comment on news stories carried by CNN  to the latest news about your favorite sports team or celebrity. While you’re at it … Follow ME! To read more about my transition to twitter check out my blog post of My First Week Twitter and Twitter Again.

4. I have learned the importance of social networking sites. They are very important to PR practitioners because they provide a way to network with millions of people with just a click of a button. The recent shooting at University of Georgia by a professor had news outlets gathering information from

5. Another important concept I learned was the importance of skillful writing. When interviewing Robert French, the creator of PROpenMic, he stressed the importance of writing. He believed that it is imperative that PR majors leave with strong writing skills because it will be a needed attribute in the field. To read more about my interview with Mr. French click here.

6. I learned the history behind PR and complex yet understand defintion of it.

  • Public Relations is a process involving many subtle and far-reaching aspects.
  • R.A.C.E. is important acronym of PR it ties in the 4 parts of PR: Research, Action, Communication an Evaluation.

7. Along with the history, I have learned how important it is to be flexible.  Workers in PR are constantly being ask to do an assorted of things and one must be able to jump from one task to the other.

8. News Releases.  This video is very informative and has taught just about everything I know Press Releases.

View more presentations from Barbara Nixon.

9. Staying up to date on current events is very important. PR practitioners have to be well informed on what is going on in the world because what is going on could have an effect on his or her client.

10. Last but certainty not least is TRYING NEW THINGS!!  You can’t be afraid to try new things in PR because technology is changing and you must keep up to make your job easier.


References: Public Relations: Strategies and Tactics 9th ed. & Barbara Nixon