January 30, 2010

TOW 3: Is Social Media monitoring ethical

Posted in TOW at 10:55 AM by Victoria

Social media has really gained power and played a significant role on how company’s run their businesses. With the growing popularity of Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and blogs, it makes it impossible for companies to ignore what their customers are saying.

Because of this social media monitoring has started. Trackers have been developed to see who, what, when, where, and how often their product is being mentioned. This has paved the way to gain more insight on what consumers are saying and how to use the information gathered to run a successful marketing and public relations campaign.

The decision of whether social media monitoring is ethical or unethical depends upon how the monitoring is conducted.

As a PR major I do believe that is important to use social media monitoring because it serves as a constant update on how the people feel about your business or product. When doing research, you can see what the people are thinking and find out what plans they would probably like in the future.

Social media monitoring can be unethical because researches can only use trackers from websites that are affiliated with the company or use research by the knowingly opposed groups. For example, if you wanted to see how people viewed the sale of animal fur, it would be wrong to use PETA sponsored blogs as your main source of tracking.

Social media monitoring is necessary to gain perspectives on your target audience, new marketing strategies, and necessary public relations campaigns and if done correctly and ethically can be asset to your company.

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January 22, 2010

Social Media TOW: Week 2

Posted in PR Social Media, TOW at 9:12 PM by Victoria

The following topics are the subject for this week.

  • How was/is social media being used in the Haitian earthquake crisis, especially by the American Red Cross?

Social media has played a major role in helping gain awareness about the Haitian earthquake crisis and about how to donate or help support relief efforts. I found out about the 7 magnitude earthquake through social media outlet, Twitter.  Through Twitter, I gained information about death counts, ways to give,  contact information for donation facilities, and also the amount of money being raised. I used twitter as a constant source to receive updates on the disaster.

The Red Cross has been able to use social media to gain donations and raise awareness about the severity of the earthquake. The Red Cross has benefited greatly from social media outlets because they have received free PR  and Advertising. This has come by users of all different social media networks urging fellow users and friends to donate and by informing them on how to give. For example, YouTube is broadcasting the The Help for Haiti Now (which the Red Cross is apart of) live.

Now the next topic…

  • Why are comments such an integral part of blogs? What advice would you offer on writing effective blog comments?

Comments on blogs play a very instrumental role in the “blogging world.” Comments allow the author to recieve constant feedback on topics without having to conduct a survey or use other expensive mechanisms to see what readers think of his or her content. Comments help with research by making it easier to see what consumers are thinking about a product, brand, or company. By having the option for the readers to comment, it allows for the author to be able to respond and for the reader to feel like the blogger is interested in his or her opinion.

Comments also help with other readers. Some readers may visit sites just to see the comments about certain products and companies. They may use this when deciding whether or not to buy a product or try a service from a business.

I recommend that those that comment on blogs refrain from using offensive language and always be tactful with positive or negative opinions. If it sounds like you’re being negative for no reason, it’s more than likely that readers will not take your post serious.

Comments serve as a very influential tool in social media because it could affect your product, brand, and/or company’s creditability, revenues, and success of a product or service.