February 2, 2010

The First Week of February Hot Topics

Posted in PR Connections at 9:04 PM by Victoria

I’ve decided to start this new thing “Hot Topics” and discuss popular things that are going on Twitter, Facebook, and blogs weekly.

To begin the Month of February I will start with a few things I found on twitter…

-Beyonce’s Dad IS the FATHER….

It’s a rumor going on that the paternity of the child has been confirmed but I’m not quite sure. I’ve haven’t found any information except from other bloggers (that are usually creditable).  I have two thoughts about this 1) I wonder does Beyonce still want her husband to be like her father & 2) Thank God Mrs. Tina filed for divorce already!

Mo’Nique was nominated for an Oscar

Actress/Commedian Mo’Nique was nominated for “Best Supporting Actress” for her role in “Precious. The director, Lee Daniels was nominated for “Best Director” and Gabourey Sidibe was nominated for “Best Actress”

To see a the transcribed interview of Mon’Nique on the Early Show click here.

(there will be more topics added throughout the week)

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