February 27, 2010

TOW 7: What is Foursquare?

Posted in PR Social Media, TOW at 9:27 AM by Victoria

When my professor introduced Foursquare to my Social Media class, I had no idea what it was. If you are like me, check out this video below, before you read my discussion on the topic…

I’m going first chat about how companies could benefit from Foursquare.

  1. Advertisement of their product: Their brand, product, or service will be advertised through people talking about them. This could come from mayors and other games that are played to get points. Your business could be the place that users of Foursquare go to obtain points.
  2. Buyer Incentives: If the mayor goes to a particular place, to gain points they may receive a coupon for something free or at a discounted price. This is talked about in the video above. Buyers would have more of a reason to try your product and if they like it, this could lead to an influx of customers.
  3. Influx of customers: Your company or brand may receive more business because it may be the place that other users of Foursquare visit as a result of the buyer incentives. If those that collect the incentives like the product, then they may spread the word about to friends, family, or other Foursquare users. The referrals may use the product and tell others about it.

 There can be potential dangers of Foursquare users and the company sites. If you a have business, and your business is flooded by users of Foursquare that think negatively about the service you offer, it may it be a cause for bad business. Also customers of the application may have access to others location and see their most popular location, this may open up the growing possibility for internet predators, stalkers, and bullies.

Foursquare is rising in popularity. I am unsure if it will take over Twitter Nation. I have my reserves about Foursquare because it provides an easier way for internet friends to met face to face which may not be a good idea, considering many people are not really who they pretend to be on the internet.



  1. Brittany Maree said,

    Your outline of Foursquare potentials is great. I agree that those are all great things that could be beneficial to businesses discussed on Foursquare. People will probably be drawn to the incentives that are porvided if they check in so many times, especially if it is a place they like going to. I do agree with you as well about the potential for people discuss negative aspects about a business, even if it was only one visit. All of their friends will still read their opinion of the business and make their own assumptions. And yes, there is also the possible dangers about stalkers, which if you think about it, do you really want everyone knowing what you are doing all the time.

  2. meshae said,

    I’m relieved to see that I wasn’t the only one “out of the loop” when it comes to Foursquare. When Professor Nixon mentioned it, I was sure it would involve the schoolyard game we played in elementary school.
    Interestingly enough, I was pleasantly surprised to see what the site really has to offer. This innovative social network has lots of potential and I am excited to see what the future holds. However, like you, I worry about the dangers of Internet predators and stalkers who may abuse the site.
    I haven’t created a Foursquare account, but I look forward to monitoring its rise in popularity.
    Thanks for your insight.

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