April 20, 2010

TOW 15…. Featuring Ms. Jayme Stroud

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What classifies as public knowledge? When do celebrities and other public figures have the right to draw the line?! Understood they chose that public life, but there should be a line drawn to what is considered public business. An example of this is Beyoncé and Jay’s marriage. They did everything to keep their dating under wraps, and even more to keep their wedding that way. But as public figures, the press made that near impossible. For years, different gossip sites linked them together, making different speculations about what they thought was going on between the two.

It’s amazing that something so sacred as marriage could cause so much ”buzzworthiness” and curiosity among the public. They never admitted to being married until the 2010 Grammys when Beyoncé won her award and got so caught up in the moment that she thanked her man. The media had a field day with her one minute speech because all of their speculations were finally confirmed.

A couple that is usually so private finally let the cat out of the bag and this again sent the media into a frenzy. They started making up reasons about why Beyoncé and Jay were unhappy. Media sites like mediatakeout.com and other gossip sites were reporting bogus stories just to gain readers when they for so long were on #teamBeyandJay and spent years linking them together. From stories of his infidelities to stories of her not wanting children, these sites reported anything they could to make their sites more interesting.  

It’s unfortunate when people feel entitled to your information and you no longer have the privacy that you deserve. Because they are public figures, I think many times people want to know what is going on with them. When is that curiosity too much? When will we let our public figures breathe and have at least one thing they can call their own…like their marriage.

*this is a performance of Forever Young by Jay-Z at the 2010 Coachella Music Festival…enjoy!


ToW 14… featuring MeShae’ Hankerson

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Check Out my guest blogger MeShae’ Hankerson….


For my Social Media class, my professor, Barbara Nixon asked us to create a podcast that related to some form of PR.

Because I am a big sports fanatic, I decided to do mine on Sports and Public Relations.

I’ve provided a link to the podcast, as well as an outline for the podcast below. Listen in and enjoy!

Tune in at: http://meshae.podbean.com/

Outline of Episode 1: “Who’s that girl on the field?”


  • MeShae Hankerson, Senior Public Relations major
  • Today’s topic – “Public Relations in Sports”
  • Aspiring Sport PR Professionals

Why Public Relations is important in sports:

  • Sports has an international reach
  • Touches all aspects and areas of Public Relations
  • Crisis management, event planning, community relations, and media relations

What do Sports PR Professionals do?:

  • Everything
  • The job is 24 hours and 7 days a week.
  • Important to have a new media background and interest in communication.

Advice to current and aspiring Sports PR professionals:

  • Visit Brian Gleason’s blog and read “3 Items for the Sports PR person to keep handy” – http://prinsportsblog.com/
  • Network. Network. Network.

April 16, 2010

GSU-ADE (GSU Anthem).. We’re going Viral

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April 12, 2010

Ben Roethlisberger….

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<So today it will be decided if Ben Roethlisberger will be charged with sexual assault of a Milledgeville college student. This is the 2nd allegation this year claiming that Roethlisberger sexually assaulted someone.
Maybe he’s a victim of an unfortunately coincidence. I don’t know. I wasn’t there and I have not been involved with the investigation. However I do find it a least bit awkward that he is being accused of the same crime more than once in a year.
I do not believe that this will go to trial mainly because of where it happened and how powerful Roethlisberger is.
But this is what he and his pr team need to….
1. Make a statement… and be cooperative with the police. Last I heard he wasn’t talking anymore with the investigators. He must let his fans know that he wouldn’t commit such crimes *side eye*.
2. Keep Big Ben away from Alcohol… especially bars!!!
3. Finally he needs to get out and do some good for the community… Time heals all wounds so he needs to be seen doing great things for his community and the NFL.

April 5, 2010

TOW 13 Viral Video

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Viral videos (if done correctly) are great ways to raise awareness about a product, brand, company or event. Below I have embedded videos of different subjects to exemplify viral videos…

Have you heard of Ann Minch, the displeased Bank of America employee that posted a video about the recent change in her interest rate? Well if you haven’t check out the video below that created such an uproar from people all over the world going through the same situation. With over 500,000 views and growing mainstream media attention , the video made Bank of America pay address the high interest rank and make necessary changes.

The 2nd  is Oregon Duck’s “I love my Ducks” a video celebrating Oregon being the Rose Bowl. It has over 720,000 views on youtube.

The 3rd is the Nike commerical. It was created a few years ago. This is just one of series of commericals that were made where basketball sounds where arranged in a way to make hip hip beats. This one didn’t recieve as many views as the last one but it did create a lot of euthiasm because many freestyle players tried mimicing the videos.