April 5, 2010

TOW 13 Viral Video

Posted in 1 at 6:59 PM by Victoria

Viral videos (if done correctly) are great ways to raise awareness about a product, brand, company or event. Below I have embedded videos of different subjects to exemplify viral videos…

Have you heard of Ann Minch, the displeased Bank of America employee that posted a video about the recent change in her interest rate? Well if you haven’t check out the video below that created such an uproar from people all over the world going through the same situation. With over 500,000 views and growing mainstream media attention , the video made Bank of America pay address the high interest rank and make necessary changes.

The 2nd  is Oregon Duck’s “I love my Ducks” a video celebrating Oregon being the Rose Bowl. It has over 720,000 views on youtube.

The 3rd is the Nike commerical. It was created a few years ago. This is just one of series of commericals that were made where basketball sounds where arranged in a way to make hip hip beats. This one didn’t recieve as many views as the last one but it did create a lot of euthiasm because many freestyle players tried mimicing the videos.



  1. Natalia said,

    Wow, the Bank of America video is my favorite out of the three because it is so surprising. I can just imagine how shocked BOA officials were when they were informed of how many people viewed one of their own talking about her own issues with the organization. For any company that has to be a little unsettling. I enjoy viral videos because each one has its own agenda and if executed well it is easy to see what the creator is trying to accomplish (as far as products and brands are concerned). Great Post.

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