April 12, 2010

Ben Roethlisberger….

Posted in 1 at 10:28 AM by Victoria

<So today it will be decided if Ben Roethlisberger will be charged with sexual assault of a Milledgeville college student. This is the 2nd allegation this year claiming that Roethlisberger sexually assaulted someone.
Maybe he’s a victim of an unfortunately coincidence. I don’t know. I wasn’t there and I have not been involved with the investigation. However I do find it a least bit awkward that he is being accused of the same crime more than once in a year.
I do not believe that this will go to trial mainly because of where it happened and how powerful Roethlisberger is.
But this is what he and his pr team need to….
1. Make a statement… and be cooperative with the police. Last I heard he wasn’t talking anymore with the investigators. He must let his fans know that he wouldn’t commit such crimes *side eye*.
2. Keep Big Ben away from Alcohol… especially bars!!!
3. Finally he needs to get out and do some good for the community… Time heals all wounds so he needs to be seen doing great things for his community and the NFL.



  1. kdwhigham said,

    I’ve heard a little bit about this case, but not too much. You are absolutely right now. Just sitting around and talking to no one is NOT helping his image, whether he did it or not. Why would his PR rep not know to make some sort of revised statement?? and then to keep on partying?? I mean c’mon. He must not even have a PR team, either that or a stupid one at that!

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  3. laur22 said,

    You came up with some great ways to help Ben! Definitely staying away from college students and alcohol in general when you are a professional football player is a good first step. Putting yourself in situations where there can be potential trouble is not a good idea for anyone in the limelight. He went to college in Ohio where a lot of my friends go, and I have followed him for some years. I am not sure if he is guilty of what happened, but I heard on the radio a few days ago that the charges were dropped. What is it lately with guys and their sexual issues?!? Jesse James and Tiger both need some good PR behind them if they want to bring their careers and images back to normal.

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  5. mbutle said,

    I dont see why Roethlisberger was hanging out in those random bars anyway. I mean really, who does he know in Millidgeville? He probably didnt rape the girl or anything near sexual assult. But I am sure that they had sex. Whatever happened he should not put himself in situations to get taken advantage of. Some women look at him and see an opportunity. And he is just laying his wealth and character out on a golden platter for them.

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  7. Jessica Cameron said,

    Okay, I have heard about this so much because of the news and because my sister goes to GCSU in Milledgeville. I have been to Capital City, the bar in which Ben R. was accused of sexual assault. This bar is gross. People are doing nasty things on the dance floor and I feel dirty while being in there. Why was this adult in a college bar in the first place, especially some place like this. There are much nicer bars in Milledgeville. Also, this college student was probably intoxicated and probably did not feel as if whatever was going was assault IF they knew what type of celebrity they are dealing with.

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