April 16, 2010

GSU-ADE (GSU Anthem).. We’re going Viral

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April 25, 2009

Heidi Montag.. Tweets her way to the alter…

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Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt from the television show the Hillsare finally getting married. Today is the day that Speidi will become one. It was a big surprise for me because I have been watching this season of the Hills and the couple looked far from being ready to head to the alter… I guess the therapy Heidi mandated they attend helped.

Or is it all a sham? Many have their doubts after the alleged fake wedding in Mexico.

Check out Heidi’s twitter page where she tweets to her followers about her memorable day. Is Lauren Conrad in attendance? I guess you’ll have to check out the season finale of the Hills slated to air later on in the year. 

For a look at this season’s episode or previous season’s episode of the Hills click here.

April 21, 2009

Twitter again????

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My introduction to public relations professor, Barbara Nixon, had previously assigned my class to join twitter and start twitting for at least a week. I was not interested (look at past post about it!). However, when given this assignment, I was excited. It didn’t feel like an “assignment” like the 1st time.

Since February, I have progressed into a frequent user of twitter. I began first by following news carriers but now I find myself interacting with my friends and following comedians like lil duval.

Since registering for an account, I have been able to see twitter’s growth. When I first began, none of my friends were on it. Now everyone has twitter account… Even OPRAH!! I have also became involved in the Change the Game Campaign and follow cwthegame and Tia Mowry for the latest updates.

I recommend other PR students to follow news outlets and other PR professionals such as Robert French,  Jack Wysocki, 360 media, and Tara Murphy.

Twitter keeps a smile on my face and helps me keep up to date on the current issues and events. It is great social networking tool that has been incorporated in business practices by many companies. I do have to warn those new to twitter: do remember that this the web and people can see what you write! Be careful!

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April 7, 2009

My Interview with Robert French

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Robert French is the creator of PROpenMic. PROpenMic is a social network for PR practitioners, students, and faculty.  It was created a year ago to provide students with a way to network with professionals, other students and even faculty from around the world. PROpenMic has just celebrated it’s one year anniversary and has almost 4,200 members.

Mr. French teaches public relations at Auburn University. He has been actively involved in communications for over 25 years with experience ranging from public relations, broadcasting and university administration to teaching.

Now to the interview….

1. What is a typical week like for Mr. French?

  • Mr. French does not believe he has a typical week.  But he spends most of time editing and updating his websites, reading news and tracking issues, and spending approximately 2 or more hours responding to correspondences.

2. A project that Mr. French is especially proud of….

  • PROpenMic is a project that Mr. French is extremely proud of. As stated earlier it was started a year ago and has almost 4,200 members!

3. How important is writing in his career?

  • Mr. French believes that writing is one of the most important aspects of any PR professional life. He strongly advocates that all students should make writing and interpersonal communication their two most important skills to master! He thinks that a student should write everyday about the issues whirling around public relations.

4. What 3 tips would you offer someone just starting out in PR?

  • Mr. French gave four tips that I feel are very insightful: Listen. Read. Write. Network. Then repeat.
  • Listen to your environment. The people you interact with and share experiences with are the most important resources in your life. TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THEM
  • Reading is a form of listening. Reading should be broad and just not current events and news.

5. What does he do to keep current in PR industry?

  • Mr. French engages in reading and networking to stay in touch with current events.

6. When his company is hiring for an entry level PR position, what makes candidates stand out?

  • A person that is well-rounded, has knowledge of emerging digital media, familiar with current events, and illustrates they are up on trends.

7.  What does he wish he had known before starting his career in PR?

  • Mr. French wish he had partook in more internships. While in school, he worked full-time and did not gain work experiences in PR. He worked in radio and TV production which those skills acquired did transfer to PR.

8. What professional organizations is he involved?

  • Mr. French has been a member of PRSA in the past, but doesn’t feel as though it offers a benefit anymore. He encourages students to join for networking benefits.

9. His favorite and least favorite part of his job?

  • Mr. French loves the challenge of finding a way to successfully reach an audience.
  • Things that weigh heavily upon him is the reading and correspondences but it is necessary for success.

10.  What surprised him the most about working in PR ?

  • He doesn’t really know if he was surprise or not but the depth of PR practices was surprising to discover and technology changes.

After doing this interview I am still interested in pursing a degree in public relations. I love to write, keep up with current events, and stay busy!! 




For more information about Mr. Robert French follow him on twitter or vist his blog.

April 2, 2009

Social Media Strategies

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I listened to C.C Chapman’s Managing the Gray pod-cast of Social Media Strategies.

C.C Chapman  is the Co-Founder and Partner at The Advance Guard.

CC Chapman Headshot

Managing the Grayis a marketing pod-cast that  teaches you and your company about the changing business world.

Chapman’s goal has always been to give you the information you need to take to your boss or clients and say, “listen to this to understand what I’m trying to do for you.” It’s a mix of tips, insights and the occasional interview.

This was my firs time listening to a pod cast. Laggard right? This was an interesting and informing lesson on how to strategically use the social media. Chapman introduced a couple of tips that I will share about how to utilize the social media network sites to your companies but advantage:

1. Stop- don’t dive into social media before thinking about long term.  A company must find out what they are doing and what other media outlets they are using. Chapman said to see whether or not your company is using print ads or television ads.

2. Look back to where you been: Chapman believes that it is necessary to see what you have done in the past and those decisions that didn’t work revise them and those that did reuse them.

3. Look at what others are doing: It’s important to look at the competition.

4. Then talk about strategy: The most important thing to do is formulate objectives with your co-workers and client.

5. How are going to measure success: make sure you and client are on same page. Chapman argues that you have to be organic and flexible.

6. Do it! Make sure to think about worst case scenarios.

7. Make sure humans are a part of your strategy- have a human connection. Make sure you establish a connection between your customer and your self or company.

Nothing really surprised me but I really did not think of some of things he ways saying. It did reinforce my belief that communication is EVERYTHING!!

I learned some of the 7 steps listed above. Some I knew already but others I never really thought about (like the first). I never thought I would need to think about other resources before starting a networking site.



March 31, 2009

Facebook solves burglary case

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Al Chapman’s company’s truck had been broken into. His wife, upset about what happen, wrote about it on facebook. The news quickly traveled until someone revealed that they knew who did. For more details about this story please follow the link below.


Dallas Mavs Owner fined..

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-Mark Cuban has been fined $25,000 for a comment on twitter he left bashing the referees!!

(References: ESPN News)