April 16, 2010

GSU-ADE (GSU Anthem).. We’re going Viral

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March 5, 2010

MY PR stance on Educational Budget Cuts

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Please review this document before reading

When I discovered it would be severe budget cuts in Georgia, I was not surprised. The timing of certain aspects of the budget cuts was suspicious to me.

I thought it wasn’t a coincidence that the information about the cuts hit the fan the day President Obama came down to speak at Savannah Technical College in downtown Savannah, Georgia.

I must say that I’m quite upset with the politics and decisions that are happening and affecting not only my education, but my peers, future leaders, and my nieces and nephew.

 I’m upset because when I looked through the executive summary outlining the cuts at the different universities in Georgia, I seen many universities eliminating programs that are very important to their students, staff and community.  For example, a few universities are terminating outreach programs and the Center for Excellence in Teaching.

I believe that many of the discontinued programs are to used as a political move to raise a red flag and gain awareness.  In the summary, Georgia Southern stated that it would possibly cut the nursing program and ROTC. Of all the programs at the university, school officials would choose the nursing program, which is one of the best programs and encompasses some of the best students Georgia Southern has to offer.

Georgia Southern is not the only university that planned to cut their nursing program. Augusta State and Georgia College and State University may end their program and/or put it at risk of losing accreditation due to budget cuts.

Many schools stated the programs they plan to eliminate the current students in the program would have to transfer out or change their majors. I believe that universities should somehow support the students currently in the program and have them grandfathered out.

I think that it is totally unacceptable that the students involved with programs were not given advanced warning of such critical information. It seemed like they were notified through the media outlets and not the university.

I believe that the Georgia legislature did this to put heat on the President and I think the cuts designated by some universities were set up in a way to put heat back on the Georgia legislature. I don’t think that the plan worked for the Georgia legislature as we see democrats seeking to run to the aid of college students blaming the republicans and republicans telling the media that it necessary to avoid tax increases.

I think this is all a publicity stunt and politic move to put heat on the legislature. I think it smart but it comes with a lot of backlash, even if it does work.  If the 300 million dollar university system cut is rescinded, many legislatures and university professionals will need a lot of PR and crisis management professionals to gain back their favorable light.

February 1, 2010

Grammy Awards…

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Yesterday was the Grammy Awards and there were 3 things that stood out to me…

1. Where’s Kanye???

I totally understand Kanye was out of line when he disrespected Taylor Swift at the VMA’s last year but I think it’s time to let it go. It seems like he is being held to the same scrutiny as Chris Brown.

Bottom line I think he should’ve been there to perform and also there to accept his award as much as a DIVA he is, I do believe he learned his lesson (I hope the secret service doesn’t come after me for that)!

2. MJ Tribute or lack there of….

The Grammy’s should have been more clear that they are just going to let Celine Dion, Usher, Carrie Underwood, and Jennifer Hudson sing “We are the World” and that would be the tribute to Michael Jackson. The song=AMAZING.. Tribute= What tribute? #stillconfused.

Although, I must say MJ kids are so precious, his son Prince Michael is very well spoken.

3. Beyonce

Beyonce, Beyonce, Beyonce… What can you say?!!?  I think by far she is the closest performer we’ll ever  get to being the next Michael Jackson (and she is far from being MJ).

I thought it was really cute that she finally acknowledged Jay-Z… but she accidently forgot to thank God… or did she? Ummmm….

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