March 5, 2010

MY PR stance on Educational Budget Cuts

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Please review this document before reading

When I discovered it would be severe budget cuts in Georgia, I was not surprised. The timing of certain aspects of the budget cuts was suspicious to me.

I thought it wasn’t a coincidence that the information about the cuts hit the fan the day President Obama came down to speak at Savannah Technical College in downtown Savannah, Georgia.

I must say that I’m quite upset with the politics and decisions that are happening and affecting not only my education, but my peers, future leaders, and my nieces and nephew.

 I’m upset because when I looked through the executive summary outlining the cuts at the different universities in Georgia, I seen many universities eliminating programs that are very important to their students, staff and community.  For example, a few universities are terminating outreach programs and the Center for Excellence in Teaching.

I believe that many of the discontinued programs are to used as a political move to raise a red flag and gain awareness.  In the summary, Georgia Southern stated that it would possibly cut the nursing program and ROTC. Of all the programs at the university, school officials would choose the nursing program, which is one of the best programs and encompasses some of the best students Georgia Southern has to offer.

Georgia Southern is not the only university that planned to cut their nursing program. Augusta State and Georgia College and State University may end their program and/or put it at risk of losing accreditation due to budget cuts.

Many schools stated the programs they plan to eliminate the current students in the program would have to transfer out or change their majors. I believe that universities should somehow support the students currently in the program and have them grandfathered out.

I think that it is totally unacceptable that the students involved with programs were not given advanced warning of such critical information. It seemed like they were notified through the media outlets and not the university.

I believe that the Georgia legislature did this to put heat on the President and I think the cuts designated by some universities were set up in a way to put heat back on the Georgia legislature. I don’t think that the plan worked for the Georgia legislature as we see democrats seeking to run to the aid of college students blaming the republicans and republicans telling the media that it necessary to avoid tax increases.

I think this is all a publicity stunt and politic move to put heat on the legislature. I think it smart but it comes with a lot of backlash, even if it does work.  If the 300 million dollar university system cut is rescinded, many legislatures and university professionals will need a lot of PR and crisis management professionals to gain back their favorable light.


February 28, 2010


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February 27, 2010

TOW 7: What is Foursquare?

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When my professor introduced Foursquare to my Social Media class, I had no idea what it was. If you are like me, check out this video below, before you read my discussion on the topic…

I’m going first chat about how companies could benefit from Foursquare.

  1. Advertisement of their product: Their brand, product, or service will be advertised through people talking about them. This could come from mayors and other games that are played to get points. Your business could be the place that users of Foursquare go to obtain points.
  2. Buyer Incentives: If the mayor goes to a particular place, to gain points they may receive a coupon for something free or at a discounted price. This is talked about in the video above. Buyers would have more of a reason to try your product and if they like it, this could lead to an influx of customers.
  3. Influx of customers: Your company or brand may receive more business because it may be the place that other users of Foursquare visit as a result of the buyer incentives. If those that collect the incentives like the product, then they may spread the word about to friends, family, or other Foursquare users. The referrals may use the product and tell others about it.

 There can be potential dangers of Foursquare users and the company sites. If you a have business, and your business is flooded by users of Foursquare that think negatively about the service you offer, it may it be a cause for bad business. Also customers of the application may have access to others location and see their most popular location, this may open up the growing possibility for internet predators, stalkers, and bullies.

Foursquare is rising in popularity. I am unsure if it will take over Twitter Nation. I have my reserves about Foursquare because it provides an easier way for internet friends to met face to face which may not be a good idea, considering many people are not really who they pretend to be on the internet.

February 19, 2010

TOW Week 6: Social Media Friend or Foe

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I listened to Mark Ragan along with David Biesack, SAS, Shel Holtz, Vida Killian, Dell, Terry McKenzie, Sun Microsystems, Jim Ylisela, Ragan Communications discuss social media and whether it is a friend of those companies utilizing it or a foe.

Click here to listen.

What I learned?

  • Social Media needs to be your friend. Shel Holtz stated we should care about monitoring social media sites because if they care enough to talk about the company then we should care enough to listen. It’s a form of media that cannot be ignored and can have some detrimental affects if taken lightly. Although I am unsure about the exact impact that social media has on companies profitability, I believe that it does have an astounding impact on the way companies conduct their business.
  • Monitoring social media gives companies the opportunity to slightly shift away from traditional marketing research and go straight to the source.
  • Also when you are listening and responding to customers, you will gain very loyal base that will act as “passionate evangelist.”  These passionate evangelists will defend company and serve as personable ally to those in the community and also help with referrals of business.

What surprised me?

  • The tactics that would be taken if consumers created a website critical of a company. If someone starts a website that speaks negative about a major brand, person, or company, I think the company should send its employees to the website along with their “passionate evangelist” they have created to take on the issue instead of trying to sue the company. Mark Ragan, however, pondered the idea of using the court system. I agree with one of the participants on the panel when she stated that starting legal action will do nothing but create more negative publicity about the client.

What do I want to learn more about?

  • What exactly is the return on investment (ROI) when you monitor blogs and other social media outlets?  It was said in the podcast that the ROI is “priceless.”  I believe that the impact social media has on companies varies. I think it is important to know the worth of social media so that companies can better deal with the effects of it.
  • I would also like to learn more about how companies handle websites set up just to criticize their businesses and how important it is to handle the situation.

February 3, 2010

TOW4: Defining Social Media in 140 Characters

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My professor Barbara Nixon requested that we define Social Media using 140 characters and refer to Adam Vincenzini blog for direction.

Vincenzini states that we spend so much time attempting to define social media instead of “using it.” I totally agree with him. Many people go through life getting caught up trying to define what things are instead of using it and determining their own view on things.

Vincenzini cited 2 reasons for needing to know the definition of social media:

1. Social Media is still misunderstood by a good percentage of consumers

2. For those who do use Social Media, it’s a very personal medium, and is often ‘defined’ by the user, depending on his / her needs; for communicators, this is particularly challenging.

I want to begin by analyzing some of the definitions that stood out to me.

Joanne Jacobs:  Social Media are tools & services which facilitate communication between individuals for decision making, cultural exchange & conversation

-This is meaningful because the internet is powerful and has become even more forceful because of social media. People are finally getting the chance to voice their opinions and this has paved the way to shaping how we think feel and act because of the direct two-way communication.

J Garant:  A borderless space to consume & share information & opinions – to engage directly with industry minds & develop personally and professionally

I absolutely love his interpretation of social media. He incorporates the fact that the internet and social media have no boundaries and with social media it is a form of direct communication. It is the place to network, gain new friends, or renew old friendships.

The words that stood out to me when I read over other definitions were “unrestricted, “sharing,” “community,” “conversation,” “connecting,” etc.

With that being said, my definition of Social Media: a form of media that offers limitless opportunities to grow, connect, and expand personally and professionally.

If you would like to read what others said please visit Vincenzini’s Blog 

February 2, 2010

The First Week of February Hot Topics

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I’ve decided to start this new thing “Hot Topics” and discuss popular things that are going on Twitter, Facebook, and blogs weekly.

To begin the Month of February I will start with a few things I found on twitter…

-Beyonce’s Dad IS the FATHER….

It’s a rumor going on that the paternity of the child has been confirmed but I’m not quite sure. I’ve haven’t found any information except from other bloggers (that are usually creditable).  I have two thoughts about this 1) I wonder does Beyonce still want her husband to be like her father & 2) Thank God Mrs. Tina filed for divorce already!

Mo’Nique was nominated for an Oscar

Actress/Commedian Mo’Nique was nominated for “Best Supporting Actress” for her role in “Precious. The director, Lee Daniels was nominated for “Best Director” and Gabourey Sidibe was nominated for “Best Actress”

To see a the transcribed interview of Mon’Nique on the Early Show click here.

(there will be more topics added throughout the week)

February 1, 2010

Grammy Awards…

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Yesterday was the Grammy Awards and there were 3 things that stood out to me…

1. Where’s Kanye???

I totally understand Kanye was out of line when he disrespected Taylor Swift at the VMA’s last year but I think it’s time to let it go. It seems like he is being held to the same scrutiny as Chris Brown.

Bottom line I think he should’ve been there to perform and also there to accept his award as much as a DIVA he is, I do believe he learned his lesson (I hope the secret service doesn’t come after me for that)!

2. MJ Tribute or lack there of….

The Grammy’s should have been more clear that they are just going to let Celine Dion, Usher, Carrie Underwood, and Jennifer Hudson sing “We are the World” and that would be the tribute to Michael Jackson. The song=AMAZING.. Tribute= What tribute? #stillconfused.

Although, I must say MJ kids are so precious, his son Prince Michael is very well spoken.

3. Beyonce

Beyonce, Beyonce, Beyonce… What can you say?!!?  I think by far she is the closest performer we’ll ever  get to being the next Michael Jackson (and she is far from being MJ).

I thought it was really cute that she finally acknowledged Jay-Z… but she accidently forgot to thank God… or did she? Ummmm….

To look at some of the performances including the 1’s listed above, check out NecoleBitchie’s blog

January 30, 2010

TOW 3: Is Social Media monitoring ethical

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Social media has really gained power and played a significant role on how company’s run their businesses. With the growing popularity of Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and blogs, it makes it impossible for companies to ignore what their customers are saying.

Because of this social media monitoring has started. Trackers have been developed to see who, what, when, where, and how often their product is being mentioned. This has paved the way to gain more insight on what consumers are saying and how to use the information gathered to run a successful marketing and public relations campaign.

The decision of whether social media monitoring is ethical or unethical depends upon how the monitoring is conducted.

As a PR major I do believe that is important to use social media monitoring because it serves as a constant update on how the people feel about your business or product. When doing research, you can see what the people are thinking and find out what plans they would probably like in the future.

Social media monitoring can be unethical because researches can only use trackers from websites that are affiliated with the company or use research by the knowingly opposed groups. For example, if you wanted to see how people viewed the sale of animal fur, it would be wrong to use PETA sponsored blogs as your main source of tracking.

Social media monitoring is necessary to gain perspectives on your target audience, new marketing strategies, and necessary public relations campaigns and if done correctly and ethically can be asset to your company.

Want more information about Social Media Monitoring? Check out this powerpoint…

View more presentations from Marshall Sponder.

January 22, 2010

Social Media TOW: Week 2

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The following topics are the subject for this week.

  • How was/is social media being used in the Haitian earthquake crisis, especially by the American Red Cross?

Social media has played a major role in helping gain awareness about the Haitian earthquake crisis and about how to donate or help support relief efforts. I found out about the 7 magnitude earthquake through social media outlet, Twitter.  Through Twitter, I gained information about death counts, ways to give,  contact information for donation facilities, and also the amount of money being raised. I used twitter as a constant source to receive updates on the disaster.

The Red Cross has been able to use social media to gain donations and raise awareness about the severity of the earthquake. The Red Cross has benefited greatly from social media outlets because they have received free PR  and Advertising. This has come by users of all different social media networks urging fellow users and friends to donate and by informing them on how to give. For example, YouTube is broadcasting the The Help for Haiti Now (which the Red Cross is apart of) live.

Now the next topic…

  • Why are comments such an integral part of blogs? What advice would you offer on writing effective blog comments?

Comments on blogs play a very instrumental role in the “blogging world.” Comments allow the author to recieve constant feedback on topics without having to conduct a survey or use other expensive mechanisms to see what readers think of his or her content. Comments help with research by making it easier to see what consumers are thinking about a product, brand, or company. By having the option for the readers to comment, it allows for the author to be able to respond and for the reader to feel like the blogger is interested in his or her opinion.

Comments also help with other readers. Some readers may visit sites just to see the comments about certain products and companies. They may use this when deciding whether or not to buy a product or try a service from a business.

I recommend that those that comment on blogs refrain from using offensive language and always be tactful with positive or negative opinions. If it sounds like you’re being negative for no reason, it’s more than likely that readers will not take your post serious.

Comments serve as a very influential tool in social media because it could affect your product, brand, and/or company’s creditability, revenues, and success of a product or service.

May 3, 2009

What have I learned??

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I am currently a student at Georgia Southern University. I am a Public Relations major and I’m currently enrolled in Introduction to PR taught by Barbara Nixon.

Professor Nixon asked our class to compile a list on 10 things that we have learned by taking this course.

Here is my list:

1. Some of the components Public Relations: According to PRSA Foundation, (a few) components of PR include

  • Counseling
  • Research
  • Media relations
  • Publicity 
  • Community, governmental, and public affairs
  • Issues management
  • Marketing communcations

2.  The next thing I have learned to do is what I’m doing right now! BLOGGING!! This has been a stress release for me. I do believe I would like it more if it wasn’t required for class but if it wasn’t required for class.. I would have never started it. My professor created a great guideline for our class to adhere to and it was very helpful starting out. Professor Nixon also created a FAQ about blogging. It included links showing how to post a video and hyperlinks.

3. I have learned to use Twitter…  I follow my friends, receive tweets from comedians, and keep up with current events. I recommend if you haven’t joined, do so! It is a great opportunity to network with other people and comment on news stories carried by CNN  to the latest news about your favorite sports team or celebrity. While you’re at it … Follow ME! To read more about my transition to twitter check out my blog post of My First Week Twitter and Twitter Again.

4. I have learned the importance of social networking sites. They are very important to PR practitioners because they provide a way to network with millions of people with just a click of a button. The recent shooting at University of Georgia by a professor had news outlets gathering information from

5. Another important concept I learned was the importance of skillful writing. When interviewing Robert French, the creator of PROpenMic, he stressed the importance of writing. He believed that it is imperative that PR majors leave with strong writing skills because it will be a needed attribute in the field. To read more about my interview with Mr. French click here.

6. I learned the history behind PR and complex yet understand defintion of it.

  • Public Relations is a process involving many subtle and far-reaching aspects.
  • R.A.C.E. is important acronym of PR it ties in the 4 parts of PR: Research, Action, Communication an Evaluation.

7. Along with the history, I have learned how important it is to be flexible.  Workers in PR are constantly being ask to do an assorted of things and one must be able to jump from one task to the other.

8. News Releases.  This video is very informative and has taught just about everything I know Press Releases.

View more presentations from Barbara Nixon.

9. Staying up to date on current events is very important. PR practitioners have to be well informed on what is going on in the world because what is going on could have an effect on his or her client.

10. Last but certainty not least is TRYING NEW THINGS!!  You can’t be afraid to try new things in PR because technology is changing and you must keep up to make your job easier.


References: Public Relations: Strategies and Tactics 9th ed. & Barbara Nixon

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